A Word about Covenants…

The following 10 Protective Covenants and Restrictions are designed to protect the investment of all the landowners as well as keep the homes and land looking nice.

1.   All lots in this development shall be known and used exclusively for single-family residential purposes only. No more than one (1) residence shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot.  No such residence shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot, which is more than two (2) stories in height, not including a basement. Although, log, stone and cedar exteriors are preferred to maintain a “rustic” vacation home atmosphere, vinyl siding that is properly installed and maintained is permitted. The exterior architecture of all structures shall maintain proportion and be able to be considered by an architect as “normal” design. The developer shall approve all plans and specifications prior to construction

 2.   The ground floor area of the residence, exclusive of porches, garages and basements, shall not be less than one thousand  (1000) square feet. The exterior construction of all dwellings or auxiliary structures including finish coat of paint or stain, shall be completed with in a period of one (1) year, from the date construction was begun.  Near or upon the completion of a residence a lawn must be installed and maintained less than 6 inches, in height in a timely manner.

 3.   No structure shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot nearer to the road (Lakeside Trail) of the lot than the twenty-five (25) feet building set back line. No structure shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot nearer to the boundary lines of said lot, than fifteen (15) feet to the side lines and rear lines of said lot. Any lots or tracts, which may be sold in the future, must maintain a minimum of 100 feet of road footage, which pertains to the road, (Lakeside Trail).

 4.    All utilities, including water, electric, septic / sewer, phone, cable, etc., to the each residence must be installed underground according to any federal, state and local specifications.  All dwellings shall be served by an approved septic sewer system.  No permanent outside toilets shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain on any lot or tract. There shall not be any metal or galvanized “chain-link” fences erected on any lot or tract. Reasonably maintained wood fences are permitted.

 5.   No other structure or outbuilding shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot except a single storage building or garage, constructed in the rear of, or even with the front of the residence and is to have complimentary colors with said dwelling place.  All structure(s) and the grounds shall be reasonably maintained. No house trailer, mobile home, modular home, basement home, underground home, earth home, defense cabin, tent or shack shall be erected, placed or suffered to remain upon any lot to be used as a temporary or permanent residence. No camper or any other type of recreational vehicle is to be used for lodging at any time.

 6.   No noxious or offensive trade shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may become an annoyance or nuisance, or on an occasion, which will or might disturb the peace, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of the neighborhood. No hunting or trapping of any kind will be permitted. No visible or illegal business shall be conducted from any of the premises herein. Renting a vacation home is permitted.

 7.   No worn out, discarded, unlicensed automobiles, junk, salvage materials, waste materials, machinery or vehicles, or parts thereof shall be stored on any lot. No rubbish, trash, ashes, refuse or garbage may be thrown or stored on any lot herein and all the owners shall keep all vacant lots free of same. No lot shall be used in any manner for exploration, mining or removal of any minerals, including gas, oil, coal, gravel, earth, etc.

 8.  No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised or kept on any lot, except for dogs, cats and other household pets that are not kept or maintained for commercial purposes.  All household pets shall be kept on a leash, housed, cared for, and maintained in a fashion, which mitigates potential adverse effects such as noise, odor or unsanitary conditions and does not constitute an annoyance or nuisance to neighbors. The total number of animals for each lot shall not exceed two (2). Offspring of any of the previously mentioned animals shall be considered for these purposes to apply toward the permitted total when they reach six months of age.

 9.  These Protective Covenants and Restrictions herein above enumerated are for the benefit of the owners of all lots in Lakeside Estates and shall run with the land, and shall be enforceable by injunctive relief or other appropriate legal remedy by the sellers or by any owner whose property constitutes a portion of this development. The violator (s) shall reimburse any costs incurred by landowners to force conformity to these Protective Covenants and Restrictions.

 10.  Violation of any of these protective covenants and restrictions by judgment or court order shall in no way affect any of the others, which shall remain in full force and effect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              07/01/04